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Posted on December 4, 2012 at 03:26:05 PM by Jim

I agree with BB BUDS. I used to spend about $64 or more as well, and hit many alone tickets. Moreover, my most profitable bet was the Miami Quiniela Doubles. I hit many for a thousand or more, even within the past 10 years or less. The wager was crushed when it was removed from simulcast venues. Now, there is no "exciting" wager left in jai alai, ANYWHERE. The Pik 3 pools are so up and down at Dania, and really only decent, if that on weekends. If Dania would listen to me, and invoke the "NO CONSOLATION" payoffs when no one picks all three, and carry over that money into the next Pik 3 available to wager on, whether on that card or the next one, and promote that there is a carryover, well, we'd see double or triple the wagering, namely from many of us who used to bet the wager heavily. WAKE UP, DANIA! Your fans have spoken!


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