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Re(1): #462 - Daily Double/Pick-3: Still possible?

Posted on December 4, 2012 at 01:37:24 PM by BB BUDS

I'll speak for the PICK-3 only....Since I have betting the PICK -3 at Dania for over 25 years, i have experience with this....I used to put in around $64-$125 in bets for this , and there was a time that it was profitable....Now, I can't do this anymore.....There is only around $250-$500 tops in the pick 3......with a 25% RAKE and take out, you would have to HIT by yourself to make it profitable, and then, just barely.

When the pools where between $800-$2000, it was SO worth it.....i had so many "signers"

now i just leave it alone...Most days are 'consolations' . It has become a horrible bet at Dania with the shrinking pools.


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