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Re(4): #445 - Are we blind to Miami's scheme?

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 08:37:39 PM by Jesus

I don't like many of the things they do, but I do not see them trying to get rid of jai alai, at least not yet. If anything, they are trying to save a buc everywhere they can in jai alai, which is not making them money, which is a wise business decision, no? What would you guys do if you owned the place? However, they still provide quality jai alai and I'm sure pay well to have one of the finest rosters with at least 4 of the best players in the world. I would think if they were trying so hard to get rid of jai alai the first thing they would do is fire storza/lopez/goiko/aritz, etc and start hiring amateurs.

Still there are little things that wouldn't cost much that could make the experience better for everybody, and actually attract some fans:
- Fix the darn website and make it up to date.
- Buy these guys new uniforms for god's sake.
- Paint the court.
- Fix the leaks
- Hire an announcer that knows what 'tipped ball' means.
- Advertise at least a little, like the special events. And no, papers taped to the doors, sometimes handwritten, announcing a 'special event partido' does not count.
- Please make a real gift shop with t-shirts and souvenirs.

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