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Re(3): #445 - Are we blind to Miami's scheme?

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 07:26:19 PM by Brian from CT

I am on the casino mailing list and they list unspecified 'live entertainment' on Friday and Saturday nights.

As to the question of the week, Florida is not Rhode Island. Despite the efforts of greyhound park owners who have casinos to drop live racing, the Florida legislature did not allow it (at least not yet). The tradition of paramutuels there is much longer and stronger than it was in New England. This could change, but not yet.

It seems more likely to me that Dania would close before Miami. Dania's handle is at a record low and they have closed the restaurant, the cafeteria and the ice cream stand. I can't remember the last time they had a promotion. I hope that all of the current frontons continue live jai-alai, but unless Boyd Gaming builds a casino or sells the place to someone who will do so, I can't see Dania lasting much longer.

I am not a defender of Florida Gaming (I dislike the way they run the Miami fronton), but we should keep in mind that this year they provided a high quality roster at Fort Pierce, when they could have gone the way of Ocala and Hamilton.


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