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Re(1): #445 - Are we blind to Miami's scheme?

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 05:30:38 PM by pelotapete

well,,hello !!! have been saying this for over 2 years..i called every step that they are making..i read it loud and clear long time ago..and i caught flack about it also..just sayin.. i told everybody they were trying to push people away..that this was all a big scheme..now watch for the last part of this mess..people at the fronton (mostly management) will have nice jobs all lined up in the casino..that as payment for helping put jai-alai under... i have seen it way too many times ...you know..the great destroyer...GREED. they will sell out thier lives for a step up in the casinos..they are the real deamons of greed..they want it all. i can't help but feel that the players must know that the end is getting very close..i bet they are just ridding out the storm till the hammer drops..what else can they do ???? players..secure places to play pro jai-alai now...soon it will be too late...why help them get what they want, just to be shown the door..it's going to happen !!! don't say you were not warned..the time to act is now...lets see them do something if they can't put on any games..wouldn't it be great if they lost all thier permits !!!


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