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Re(2): #376 - Weak/strong, front/back. How might it play out?

Posted on December 7, 2010 at 01:33:49 PM by Carlo

I am going to compare this to the amateur play in CT so you can stop reading now if you want.

I am considered a weak back courter. I can certainly play up to the level of the stronger fronts. For instance, I didn't lose a game with Tony or Mark G in the front as my partner in our league. I didn't win as many games with weaker fronts but we certainly did win our share. I also won with Ed V in front this past week. That is almost a gimme at this point becasue I can just let him do his thing and just catch the balls that come to me.

Bottom line - everyone is right in the posts so far. The weaker backs can hang and step up if necessary or possibly step up if they feel like they have a weaker guy on their team. As Matt always says - You just have to limit your errors.


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