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Re(2): #374 - Dania & Miami slots: Business as usual?

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 11:56:22 PM by Jim

Great post, Carlo!!! For so long now, I've been saying that slots and poker are not the save all to the sport of jai alai. In order for jai alai to flourish, it's going to take MAJOR, MAJOR marketing and promotions, to get people to realize the game is not fixed, and your chances of hitting a trifecta, all odds considered even, which they are not, are 336:1. Once you factor in better players, the rotation and spectactular, it's probably half those odds, which is incredible, seeing as how the odds of hitting a lottery cash 3 game are 1:1000!!! (000-999 are the combos in lottery games). Not to mention the sheer excitement of the game of jai alai. EVERY single newbie I have taken to Orlando have all come back and wanted to come back! And, they all actually won money! They love it. The fans are there, they are just not being attracted to the frontons. It doesn't help that, either, that neither Dania nor Miami have lifted a finger to install their supposed save all slots parlors.


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