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Re(1): #205 - Biggest surprise/disappointment this year?

Posted on July 18, 2007 at 08:46:44 PM by Jay

biggest disappointment for me....i have 2 picks 1st is i have to go with danias arriaga. my reason is he just seems he is in a funk for a long time now. i just was in florida for a few weeks and got to see alot of live jai alai action during my time off and noticed that he seems to be just playing just for the paycheck. not alot of hustle during my 3.5 weeks there and when i asked him why he was not with it, he told me he was very tired. i like arriaga as a fan and always have to include him in my action because i know he probably can win any game with any partner at will, but i think he has lost a step with desire. i hoe he turns it on next month when i am back at dania for 2 weeks ........my 2nd is miami's pedrouzo. he seems as if he has no desire to play the game whatsoever. this is not the same guy i used to play against in milford. he just seems to stand around and hope the ball comes to him. he has lost sooo much of the game and i feel sad that this guy was once one of the sports best.while i was in miami, i dont think he won but 2 games in 3 weeks of watching and when he did win,it was out of post 1 and 8 with goiko doing all the work. it is sad for me to watch this guy play as i have had alot of respect for his past talents.

biggest suprise for me is 2 players from the same fronton.....danias ulises has been playing some great jai alai the past few weeks while i was there. he has had to make a few adjustments to his game because of his sore back. we got to share a few hours together talking about jai alai on his day off and when i asked him why didnt he pound the back wall more often, he told me he has been playing with a sore back and has adjusted his game for his right side. while i was there, he subbed a few games in the lates and filled the spots well as if he belonged in those games. his commandship on the court is some of the best i have seen as he directs his fronts with authority. he remined me of alfonso with the way he would yell it up. he has played some excellent jai alai and seemed to play a better game than usual with all the late gamers. i like ulises and think he is one of the sports nicest guys as well as being a professional on and off the court.........my 2nd suprise is probably no suprise to many on here as i thought jon has played some wonderful jai alai the past few months. he seems to have it all with a great offense and super defense. i favor a player that is not afraid to throw the carom from the inside and jon has thrown a few gems while i was there. i think he has the best forhand carom in the fronton with celaya being a close 2nd. on several days i would get to dania early and see jon practicing 45 minutes before post. when i tried to talk with him he always is very nice and pleasant and is a super player for the sport....on a side note, my wife was with me on mothers day and dania had the PR guy taking a few pictures for the fronton and gave out roses. she had her picture taken with korta, so for her suprise pick it is korta. (she made me mention it as she sometimes pokes her nose on this page)


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