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Re(1): #205 - Biggest surprise/disappointment this year?

Posted on July 18, 2007 at 06:14:27 PM by Jim

Biggest surprise is Christophe. A rather lazy player at Dania, and very unwilling to play a point long (and still unwilling), his remate is absolutely wickedly on point, the best I have ever, ever seen. He really has all the shots, and his rebote placement, either as a fake remate carom, where he goes back inside, or as a remate carom is just dead on. He scores so much with it. He has also progressed very quickly at Miami, from earlies, to mids, and now lates, and doing just as well in the lates.

Biggest disappointment is not Aldazabal, because nothing has changed about him...still runs up to get a forehand, and just STANDS there after the release, never running back, and since his forehand often doesn't clear the frontcourter, he gets stuck as a victim of a chula or near impossible dig rebote. Reminds me of Zumaya.

Biggest disappointment for me is Patrick. Plays in so many long points, and just can't better control of the forehand. Really having a rough time this year.


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