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Re(1): #35 - Which fronton is the BEST (for you)?

Posted on April 12, 2004 at 04:40:37 PM by Chalk-O Taco

Fan-friendliness - not Orlando, except for Aunt Jemima at the program both and Sandwich Lady (i think Said's mom) on the 2nd floor) they are the only 2 people in the entire fronton that smile.
Fronton staff - not Orlando (except for Miss Friendly "GrandMaMa Time" at the ticket window - she even gets MORE FRIENDLY when you pay with a $20. (I dare you!!!)
Roster - Orlando, once Caching & International Man of Mystery Kellyaga signs
Performance schedule - Orlando, especially on Sunday's when we are blessed with a thick crust of 3 Singles Games on the top and bottom!
Proximity - Orlando, you get Jai Alai, Club Do-u-Wanna, and Krystals all in the same block
Physical plant (comfort & condition) - Orlando's handi-crapper on 2nd level, the flickering lights once caused me to black out
Website - Caching, hands-down
Promotions - Orlando, they will "promote" you to Player Manager & General Manager if you can juggle 2 bottles of jack at the same time ;-)
Intangibles - Orlando, they put soap in the handi-crapper stall (mentioned above) once, back in 1994. They let the cleaner guy carry off Barronio's Triple Crown trophy, but he is exempt from adding soap to the dispensers!)


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